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Robotics Teams

Penguin Coding School has been coaching competition robotics teams since 2017. We field multiple teams every year and a few of our top teams have made it to the state championships.  There are two levels based on age & experience: First Lego League (FLL) for ages 9-14 which uses Lego Robot kits to complete mission challenges and research an innovative solution to a global problem and First Tech Challenge (FTC) for ages 12-18 which uses metal pieces, nuts & bolts, motors & servos to build "real" robots and organize community outreach and team fundraisers.

First Lego League (FLL)

ages 9-14

First Lego League (FLL) is organized by a global non-profit called FIRST.  Hundreds of thousands of kids ages 9-14 participate in a season that spans 4-6 months where they build a fully autonomous Lego robot to solve various mission challenges, research an innovative solution to a global problem, and demonstrate teamwork and gracious professionalism. Open to all skill levels and no pre-requisites.  We are open to coaching pre-existing teams or groups of friends if scheduling allows.

The FLL season starts in August/September and the children ages 9-14 form teams of 4 to 8 students and as a team decide on what robot to build, how to code it, what global problem to come up with an innovative solution for, and come together once a week (or more) to build their robots and prepare their research presentations. 

 At the end of the season, typically in December there is a Regional Tournament in one of many cities in Massachusetts that the teams get to participate.  The all day tournament is a great experience for all of our students.  They get to see 100s of other excited students from all over the state compete and have fun all day.  

Students can get a head start in learning how to build effective Lego Robots for the competition by signing up for a robotics or team prep class.

Lego Robotics Classes in Lexington, Acton & Newton

Sign up for a Lego Robotics class at Penguin Coding School in Winter or Spring Semester


FLL Robotics Team Prep in Lexington, Acton & Newton
For students who can't wait to be on an FLL Team (best prep for the season)
Robotics Classes during Summer

Sign up for Summer Session week at any of our in-person locations where Lego Robotics is part of the daily curriculum.

First Tech Challenge (FTC)

ages 12-18

For students who are aging out of FLL, but can't get enough of the team robotics, First organizes another level of competition called "First Tech Challenge"

FTC Robotics uses metal & rubber parts from professional hobby robotics vendors, coding in Java (programming language) and the requirements for knowledge of robot design, community outreach and fundraising are meant for advanced middle school and high school students.  

Currently FTC  teams and classes are only available in our Lexington location. (please email if you are interested in FTC Teams in another location)

FLL Penguin Coding Team Awards 🏆 2019 - 2023


  • State Qualifiers: Banana Merangues, Titanium, Mechanical Monkeys, Motor Codes
  • Awards: Lightning Round Alliance States 2nd Place (Banana Merangues), Robot Design - 2nd Place (Titanium), Robot Design - 3rd Place (Mechanical Monkeys), Core Values - 3rd Place (Team A),  Special Judges Award (Motor Codes)  


  • State Qualifiers: 7 Volts, Exploding Bananas
  • Awards: Champions Award (7 Volts), Robot Performance 2nd Place (7 Volts), Lightning Round Champion (S.T.A.R.K. Industries), Core Values - 1st Place (Exploding Bananas)


  • State Qualifiers: Click'n Connectors, Waddlers 
  • Awards: Champions Award 2nd Place (Click'n Connectors), Lightning Round States Champion (Waddlers), Robot Design - 2nd Place (Handy Hippos)


  • State Qualifiers: Penguins in the City
  • Awards: Alliance State 1st Place (Penguins in the City), Core Values - State 2nd Place (Penguins in the City), Core Values - 1st Place (Penguins in the City)