Ages 6-18

Summer Coding Online

June 24 - Aug 30

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Minecraft Coding Class Ages 6-9

Learn the fundamentals of coding by programming their own objects, mazes, and more.  Using Minecraft Education Edition to maximize learning, not just playing. 

Scratch Coding Class for Kids Ages 6-9

Scratch is a programming platform developed by MIT specifically to introduce coding to children, and our curriculum navigates students through increasingly challenging projects. 

Python Coding Class for Kids Ages 8-18

Our Python program is rigorous but beginner friendly. Introduction to Computer Science, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Networking classes.

Roblox Coding Class for Kids Ages 9-13

Using Lua scripting language and Roblox Studio, students learn how to apply their coding knowledge to create unique customizations in the Roblox universe.

Summer Javascript Class Ages 8-13

Create all kinds of web games with Javascript while learning the basic concepts of coding. Many levels.

Java High School Coding Class Ages 13-18

Java is a great language for high school students because it teaches the fundamentals of object oriented programming and it is also the language required for the AP Computer Science A exam.

Mobile Apps High School Coding Class Ages 11-18
Mobile Apps

Learn the fundamentals of building a mobile app using Swift. Students learn how to apply their prior knowledge of classes, objects, functions and variables into user interface design and app features.