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Summer 2024

Counselor In Training (CIT)

Best Summer STEM program since 2017


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What is the CIT Program?

Designed for students who are ages 13-15 (approximately 7th to 10th grade) by the summer, our Counselors in Training (CIT) program teaches valuable lessons and skills in preparation for a future role as a summer camp counselor or a student coding teacher. 

The Counselor in Training (CIT) will undergo training in basic coding and robotics during orientation (prior to summer). These skills will be enhanced and reinforced by helping younger children with the same skills during the summer program. 

The CIT program will also provide participants with valuable experience working with children and adults.

There will be a seminar on leadership, conflict resolution and communication skills

During the summer session, there will be  ongoing feedback and evaluation from the staff to help CITs improve their performance.  


Do you have to be proficient in coding to be a CIT?

Not at all.  While it would certainly be helpful if CITs have prior experience with coding and robotics, they will undergo training in basic coding and robotics during orientation (prior to summer) which will be reinforced by helping younger children in those skills during the summer program.  


Is there a cost to this program?

Yes, this program is an educational opportunity for the student, not employment.  The tuition for the program is reflected in the listing for each location, and follows the same discount/refund/cancellation policy for the general summer program.  

Can anyone be a CIT?

We welcome anyone who is between the ages of 13 - 15 and is able to participate in all the activities we offer during the summer sessions. We also reserve the right to refuse to accept a participant who the staff determine would be detrimental to the overall success of the summer programs. We would issue a full tuition refund in such cases.  

Daily Schedule

  • 8:30am-9am Preparation for Day
  • 9am-10:30am Coding Lessons & Projects

  • 10:30am-11am Snack Break

  • 11am-12pm 3D Printing & Hands On Science Experiments

  • 12pm-1pm Lunch and outdoor time

  • 1pm-2pm Coding Lessons & Projects

  • 2pm-3pm Lego Robotics

  • 3pm-3:30pm Feedback & Evaluations

Voted Best Coding School for Kids

  • Consistently from 2019 to 2024
  • Top 5 STEM, Robotics and Academic Summer Camp