Coding Classes for Kids

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Minecraft Coding Class Ages 6-9

Learn the fundamentals of coding by programming their own objects, mazes, and more.  Using Minecraft Education Edition to maximize learning, not just playing. 

Scratch Coding Class for Kids Ages 6-9

Scratch was developed by MIT to introduce coding to children, and our curriculum navigates beginner students through increasingly challenging projects. 

Python Coding Class for Kids Ages 8-18

Our Python program is rigorous but beginner friendly. Introduction to Computer Science, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Networking classes.

Roblox Coding Class for Kids Ages 9-13

Using Lua scripting language and Roblox Studio, students learn how to apply their coding knowledge to create unique customizations in the Roblox universe.

javascriptbeginner Ages 9-13

Student absorb the basics of coding while learning to create all kinds of web games with Javascript.  Lessons in HTML and CSS included.  Advanced levels use node.js

Java High School Coding Class Ages 13-18

For middle school and high school students who want to learn the fundamentals of object oriented programming. It is also the language required for the AP Computer Science A exam.